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Connect immediately to a lesson on your mobile device with the i3LEARNHUB software, no installation required.

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Take a look at all of the i3 hardware products to equip your learning environment with an integrated solution.

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Add accessories to your hardware solution to make the product more flexible.

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Latest news

  • i3-Technologies at the SIMO exhibition!

    From 19 to 21 October, you can visit the SIMO education exhibition in Madrid. Our local dealer has a stand where several impressive products by i3-Technologies are exhibited and tested. Please come visit us!
    IMG 8112 after

    i3-Technologies has launched worlds’s largest interactive whiteboard! Combine the i3BOARD 135” 10-touch duo with the lampless i3PROJECTOR L3002UW and the i3LEARNHUB software to a revolutionary education solution.
    Largest whiteboard
  • iMO-LEARN in the Flemish Parliament!

    On October 13 2016, Flanders Synergy organized ‘Day of the smart school – working differently with enthusiasm’ to put smart schools in the spotlight. With its project "organizing smart education", Flanders Synergy is currently guiding fifty schools towards an organized and smart school.

    During the event, schools were introduced to a smart and flexible organization through inspiring workshops. The iMO-LEARN simply had to be there! We took a no less than 250 IMO LEAR's to the Flemish Parliament and did all sorts of movement exercises to demonstrate the positive effects of these cubes. The iMO-LEARN fits perfectly in an innovating school.
    imo parlement

Learning software

Introducing the next generation collaborative learning suite

i3LEARNHUB is a learning software that was developed using the input and considering the needs of both teachers and learners. With its simple interface stripped of all clutter and offering just the essentials, it mimics the simplicity of traditional teaching tools.

Any device

Any time, anywhere, any device

True collaborative learning! i3LEARNHUB is a next generation collaborative whiteboarding software that functions across different interactive products and internet enabled platforms by i3 and other manufacturers, including mobile devices.




Personal software with fully customizable toolbars. As the software runs from a browser and thus requires no installation, you can decide independently to use i3LEARNHUB.



Easy to use

Create, present, store, and share educational content. The software allows you to create, present, store, and share educational content and handwritten notes with your students and/or peers.

i3LEARNHUB is great on displays...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!

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